Irish Whiskey: What To Know

What is Irish Whiskey​?

Irish Whiskey is a mash of cereal grains, fermented, distilled and matured for a minimum of three years inside wood casks on the Island of Ireland.

What is the difference between Irish whiskey and Scotch?​

The difference between Irish whiskey and Scotch isn’t worlds apart and they can be seen as cousins in the whiskey industry. Ireland makes World Class Single Malt Irish Whiskey and brilliantly tasty Blended Irish Whiskey but also has its own uniquely Irish style of Whiskey in Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey.

What is the difference between Irish whiskey and Bourbon?​

The difference between Irish whiskey and Bourbon is the grains used in the production process. American whiskeys are segmented by the prominent cereal grain, in bourbon this is corn or maize. There is a style of Irish Whiskey that is similar to Bourbon called ‘Single Grain’.

Is Irish Whiskey gluten-free?​

Yes, Irish Whiskey is gluten-free. Although Whiskey is made from grains that contain gluten it is safe for Coeliacs as the protein containing gluten is not carried through the Distillation process.

What are the 4 types of Irish whiskey?​

The Four Types of Irish Whiskey are Single Malt Irish Whiskey (both peated and unpeated), Single Grain Irish Whiskey, Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey and Blended Irish Whiskey.

What is Single Malt Irish Whiskey?

Single Malt Irish Whiskey is whiskey made entirely from Malted Barley and produced in one single distillery.

What is Single Grain Irish Whiskey?​

Single Grain Irish Whiskey is made from any combination of cereal grains, distilled in a column still with no greater than 30% of malted barley. It is a style of Irish Whiskey that is similar to American whiskeys.

What is Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey?​

Single Post Still Irish Whiskey is the only uniquely Irish style of whiskey. Made in Ireland it contains a minimum of 30% malted barley and a minimum of 30% unmalted barley.

What is Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey?

Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey is similar to Single Malt Irish Whiskey in that it’s made in one distillery from 100% malted barley the difference being peat smoke is used to dry the barley which means the smokey flavour remains.

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